How it Works

Glockal is a crowdsourcing platform created to seek and provide support to ideas, projects or campaigns.

It really doesn’t matter if your idea, project or campaign is small or big; local or global.

Glockal is a venue where people seeking support (Campaigners) can connect with the people eager and willing to provide the support (Supporters).

The support may be virtual (e.g. digitally sign a petition, provide advice by email, social media or by phone), donation of money or items, or by actually physically participating in the project or campaigns.


  1. Register
  2. Create your campaign
  3. Read and agree the terms and condition
  4. Campaign is free to run for any registered charitable organisation (self-declaration required). Otherwise a campaign fee applies (£10 fees to run a campaign for thirty days, campaign can be renewed as many times as you like with each renewal costing £10 for further thirty days of campaign run on Glockal)
  5. Campaign will be published on Glockal within 48 hours
  6. You will receive a notification when the campaign goes live on Glockal
  7. Nearer the end of campaign on Glockal, we will email you to ask if you would like to renew the campaign on Glockal



  1. Explore the campaign categories or use our search function
  2. Use the details in the campaign to contact Campaigner or provide the support
  3. You may register here and we will inform you when an appropriate campaign goes live on Glockal